Quality Meets Consistency

Blending fashion, function, and first-class standards into every design.

We put our products through rigorous tests and challenges to ensure that every luggage you receive is of the best build quality and durability from us.


Why Polycarbonate?

Although Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a strong and common material choice for inexpensive luggage, polycarbonate (PC) offers greater durability with more than twice the impact strength of ABS.

We utilise 100% aerospace-grade German polycarbonate to achieve a design that's much lighter than aluminium, while improving durability and impact resistance compared to Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

Silent but sturdy wheels

In the actual test, the luggage was loaded with 20kg of weight (with an additional weight of the telescopic handle) and angled at 45° before rolling at 4km/h on a bumpy treadmill to simulate uneven terrain.

The same setup was also tested on an apparatus that simulates the impact of stairs for 750 cycles.

Withstands drops and falls

In the actual test, the luggage was loaded with 20kg of weight and dropped from a height of 90cm on all sides for 3 cycles, before being dropped from a height of 60cm on all corners for 1 cycle.

Durability that extends

In the actual test, the telescopic handle was suspended in midair with 20kg of weight in the luggage before being released, stopped, and lifted repeatedly for 400 cycles.

Tough outside, clean inside

The Interior polyester lining is antimicrobial certified.