Thousand Miles Apparel

We create Travel leisure wear for the explorer in you


Every Design is Meant to Enhance Your Experience

Packing for a great adventure, or a short getaway is a tricky affair. Clothes are essentials, but they cause a lot of unexpected troubles. That's how our founder Mason felt in 2019 as an avid traveller. Mason noticed he had too many items to carry, but his backpack had only so much space to offer. So, he decided to start Thousand Miles to solve a common traveller pain point; clothes.

Mason saw the need to rethink how clothes should be designed, which led to the creation of our patent lightweight material OMNIFLEXâ„¢. An innovative blend of fabric created to help travellers experience their destination in absolute comfort and flexibility. This innovative material, combined with our functional designs, has resulted in a growing collection of travel-leisure wear. All to empower travellers to explore without hesitance.

Thousand Miles is set to revolutionise modern travelling. We don't stop at just easy-to-wear but ensure our clothes are also easier to care for. Thanks to our clever inventions, our designs are developed to do more than the average.

At Thousand Miles, we go the extra mile.

Our Mission

Travel Light, Travel Right

To help you travel right by travelling with less. Thousand Miles creates functional, versatile designs to do just that.

Our Philosophy

Less Is More

We believe less is more. Less clutter, more possibilities. Less setbacks, more adventures. Less worry, more miles. This philosophy anchors our thought process as we design and redefine the purpose of clothes. All to change the way you prepare for your travels and transform your travel experience.