We are very sorry

Dear Friends Of Thousand Miles,

Mason T. here!

First off, I would like to thank all of you who stayed with us through the huge hiccup that has just recently happened. I, on behalf of Thousand Miles as a brand would like to sincerely apologise for causing an unacceptable delay in delivering all of your orders. Where credit is due, my amazing team has worked tirelessly around the clock in order to hopefully deliver all of our customers’ purchases in the past 2 months.

As of now, the team has successfully dispatched all orders to all of our customers. Those that have not received them, your items have dispatched and it is currently with the courier so they will be delivering your item to you as soon as possible.

As this matter has been an inconvenience to everyone who supported us, it is only fair that we keep things as transparent as possible and explain to all of you what ultimately caused our delay and unavailability to meet deliveries on our initial deadlines for all batches.


As some of you may have seen and received our initial notification via our platforms, this initially started when a number of products in our 1st batch had the wrong zippers installed so we’ve had to make the tough decision to halt the production to do a thorough check and re-install the right zippers.

This affected our 2nd & 3rd batch as well as we've had to ensure that there were no more defective products being manufactured or sent out, we had to pay the price of slowing down manufacturing & fulfilling orders.


Time was not on our side despite the first delay to our products but the initial batches of products were caused in the high volume of traffic. This was clashed amongst other shipments from other retailers in conjunction to the 12.12 sale & Christmas sale shipments as well as Christmas holiday.

With the overwhelming amount of shipments going through the courier services, this was where the second delay happened where our customers were not getting their tracking updates with the courier side already at their maximum capacity. 

Though the processes after dispatching the orders were not something within our control, we’d like to still take full responsibility as your shopping experience is ultimately affected by this.


This unfortunate matter has been a huge lesson for everyone on the team. We are extremely aware that we have a lot to learn and improve from this. We have regrouped and discussed how we are able to improve our customer’s shopping experience in the future. Some of the solutions are already in place to ensure problems like these do not happen again. 


All of these means a higher cost for Thousand Miles but ultimately, a better shopping experience for everybody.

"With this being said, we will “maintain price of our shorts at RM69 per piece for another month” for those that did not manage to get them before we closed our pre-orders."

All in all, this has been a huge lesson taught to me and our team. I take full responsibility and would like to thank all of you and my team at Thousand Miles that stood by us during these trying times so I’d like to offer my sincerest apology once again.

This speed bump has been a harsh and difficult crisis but a valuable lesson to learn from as we grow.

Thousand Miles wouldn’t be as it is if it weren’t for your patience and faith in us and we are forever grateful for that. We hope that you will continue on this journey with us as we strive to improve our services and products in order to bring you the best quality products & services we can give.

We look forward to taking on this journey with you for a thousand miles and maybe more.

Yours sincerely,