Travel Light, Travel Right

Travel-leisure wear for a hassle-free experience.

Why Travel with Thousand Miles?

Our designs let you travel light with functional and versatile clothes that are easy-to-wear and care for.  At Thousand Miles, we go the extra mile so you can travel right and experience the world leisurely.

Explore More with Less

Ordinary clothes have ruined too many great trips. Made with purposeful features and comfort-first material, 

We’ve designed apparel that are stretchy, stain-proof, and long-flight friendly.

The Most Comfortable Clothes to Travel In

Packing Made Easier

We created a seamless packable tech that turns our shorts, pants and more into convenient compact cubes. This is possible with our patent Omniflex fabric, an incredibly stretchable and elastic material used in our clothing designs.

Kickstart Your Journey With Thousand Miles

Take us with you as you uncover the world