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Timeline Announcement

item dispatched + Timeline change

We have shipped 1000+ orders up to date. Those that have received a tracking number, your item is on the way & it is not affected by the timeline change.

Having started shipping our orders on 12th December 2019, we found during the final round of quality control, a small batch of orders (roughly 15-20 orders) from our first batch had a defect. This defect consist of the the incorrect zipper (single sided as opposed to double sided) being used in the right hand pocket (the pocket the shorts are packed into).

So we’ve decided to withdraw all the orders from going out so we could carry out a thorough check on all the orders and to remove those affected orders from being dispatched. Rest assured that we have all hands on deck to solve this issue and we want to make this right for every single customer. Please disregard this issue if you did not receive email from us as your order is not affected.


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