▶︎ Humble Beginnings ◀︎

When I first thought of creating Thousand Miles, I knew exactly what I wanted. A brand that is catered to your needs with products thoughtfully designed from every aspect with goals to add value to your day-to-day life.

Then, Omniflex was made.

▶︎ Growth ◀︎

To offer the best products while still keeping our prices accessible to all, we had to adapt to a pre-order model.

▶︎ Problem + Solution ◀︎

We’ve been listening to every single feedback the past year & the most common feedback we have received is our pre-order model. We have then assigned a special team behind the scenes to work on a solution to this for the past 6 months.

All their long hours has finally paid off as we’re proud to announce that we will be able to progressively transition away from our Pre-Order model to a ready stock model within the next 2 months without any changes in price.

We hope to move ALL our items to be READY STOCK by the END OF DECEMBER.

The first phase of the transition to ready stocks will be for 4 of our Best Sellers starting 20th of October!

▶︎ Existing Orders ◀︎

All existing orders (with ready stocks only) will be fulfilled within the next 48 hours. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at so our team can assist you with your order.

▶︎ Grateful ◀︎

We are so grateful for every part of this journey with you. For all of you who had trust in our products & for all of you who loved it so much you were willing to wait for our products, we’d like to thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

You have more questions?

Drop us an email at We'd love to answer them for you.