35 Exciting Places To Visit In Ipoh For An Epic Trip

35 Exciting Places To Visit In Ipoh For An Epic Trip

Calling All Foodies, Culture Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers, And All-Rounded Explorers! These Are Places To Visit In Ipoh If You’re Looking For A Real Treat Of A Trip

Nestled in the state of Perak is a not-so-little haven surrounded by natural limestone hills where rich heritage, culinary delights, and natural beauty meet. That’s right, it’s none other than Perak’s charming capital city of Ipoh.

This charming little city boasts stunning colonial architecture true to its heritage as a former British colony, a bustling food scene from refreshing shaved ice desserts to comforting homestyle dishes and dim sum, and not forgetting natural hot springs along with serene cave temples and the famed mirror lake.

There’s simply something for everyone in this delightful city. So whether you’re looking to explore cultural landmarks, indulge in local delicacies, or embark on an adventure to discover the beauty of Ipoh’s nature, read on to discover our curated list of exciting places to visit in Ipoh for a truly unforgettable trip.

35 Exciting Places To Visit In Ipoh For The Ultimate Memorable Trip

Places To Visit In Ipoh For Heritage & History 

Ipoh Railway Station

1. Ipoh Railway Station

Affectionately known as the “Taj Mahal of Ipoh”, the current Ipoh Railway Station is a stunning colonial building that was completed in 1935, replacing the earlier railway station that was built in 1917. This building was designed by the British architect, Arthur Benison Hubback, who also designed the iconic Ipoh Town Hall.

Today, the Ipoh Railway Station serves as the city’s main railway hub that welcomes both the KTM Komuter (fellow travellers from Kuala Lumpur!) and freight trains. You’ll find posters and signs strategically placed throughout the station that details the building’s history alongside that of Ipoh city, all of these amidst beautiful Moorish and Victorian elements that reflect the architectural trends of British culture then.

Bonus Tip: Visit the Ipoh Railway Station via the Ipoh Heritage Trail at night for a stunning illuminated sight.

Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily

Address: Stesen KTM, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Ipoh Town Hall. Photo by Rajesh Kumar.
Ipoh Town Hall. Photo by Rajesh Kumar.

2. Ipoh Town Hall

The Ipoh Town Hall is just a stone’s throw away from the Ipoh Railway Station, making it a must-visit when you’re in that area. It was built just over a century ago in 1916 as Ipoh’s main administrative building and symbol of governance. It was also designed by the same architect who designed the Ipoh Railway Station, Arthur Benison Hubback!

While it’s no longer in operation today, the former administrative center is now a popular landmark that sees countless visitors every year who seek to behold the building’s breathtaking neoclassical design with its grand columns and stately facade.

Bonus Tip: The Ipoh Town Hall is part of the Ipoh Heritage Walking Trail alongside the Ipoh Railway Station.

Opening Hours: Available 24 hours, daily

Address: 2700, Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Birch Memorial Clock Tower

3. Birch Memorial Clock Tower

Erected in 1909 as a memorial to James W.W. Birch, the very first British Resident of Perak, the Birch Memorial Clock Tower stands as a historical marker that provides insights into the colonial history of Perak.

There are four distinctive panels on the tower that feature the evolution of civilization, with Panel A depicting the Stone Age to the Iron Age, followed by Panel B featuring significant figures of the Eastern Mediterranean, Far East, Greece, and Rome. Then you have Panel C that showcases the Byzantine Empire, the Age of Chivalry, Faith, and the Renaissance. 

Lastly, there’s Panel D featuring the Modern era of science, art, and social services with figures of Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Charles Darwin, and more. It’s definitely a spot to check out for history buffs and those seeking a beautiful backdrop for photography sessions.

Address: Kinta District, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Kellie's Castle in Ipoh. Photo by Reena Yadav.
Kellie's Castle. Photo by Reena Yadav.

4. Kellie’s Castle

Ipoh’s iconic castle has a sad history and an equally ironic name. While it’s known to all as “Kellie’s Castle”, the locals have another name for it; “Kellie’s Folly”. This castle is actually an unfinished mansion located about 30 minutes from the Ipoh city centre that was commissioned by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith in the early 20th century.

Smith intended for the mansion to serve as a symbol of his wealth and status, while also utilising it as his family home. But fate wouldn’t have it as the building was never completed due to his sudden death in 1926 and subsequent financial difficulties.

But in this day and age, the castle now serves as an architectural marvel and historical enigma with legends and ghost stories that surround the mansion, adding a sense of intrigue and mystery. There are also hidden passages and unique elements that include the very first elevator in Malaysia, and a rooftop courtyard that visitors can explore through guided tours.

Opening Hours: 9am - 5:30pm on Wednesdays to Mondays, 9am - 4:30pm on Tuesdays

Address: Lot 48436, Kompleks Pelancongan Kellie's Castle, KM 5.5, Jalan Gopeng, 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia

Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge. Photo by Peng Wong.
Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge. Photo by Peng Wong.

5. Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge

Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge, also known as TT5, is Malaysia’s last surviving tin dredge that was built in 1938. The dredge was used extensively in the tin mining industry during its heyday, which served as a significant economic activity in the Kinta Valley during the 20th century.

Today, TT5 is worth visiting to get a glimpse into the tin mining era, giving one an insight into engineering marvels and industrial techniques of the past. And not to forget, the gargantuan structure definitely offers great photo-taking opportunities for photography enthusiasts!

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm, daily

Address: 9th KM, Jln Tanjung Tualang, 31000 Batu Gajah, Malaysia

Concubine Lane during the day. Photo by James Te.
Concubine Lane during peak season. Photo by James Te.

6. Concubine Lane

Concubine Lane is perhaps one of Ipoh’s most exciting streets to visit thanks to its vibrant array of trendy cafes, artisan shops, and souvenir vendors. But what really stands out about this place is its history, where it was a lane gifted to his second wife by mining tycoon, Yau Tet Shin during the 19th century, and how it was known as the symbol of urban vice during that era.

Those who visit Concubine Lane today will find that it retains its old-world charm with restored pre-war shophouses and narrow alleyways, offering one a deep sense of Ipoh’s social history during the tin mining boom.

Address: Concubine Lane, Lorong Panglima, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Market Lane at Ipoh. Photo by leannk.
Market Lane at Ipoh. Photo by leannk.

7. Market Lane

Market Lane at Jalan Bandar Timah is one of Ipoh’s oldest streets that was historically a bustling commercial hub where traders and merchants conducted their trade. Today, the lane is lined with heritage buildings that date back to the 19th century, showcasing architectural styles of the colonial period.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Market Lane also has a similar history to Concubine Lane, in how it was gifted by Yau Tet Shin to his third wife?

Visitors can expect to encounter vibrant street art, mural installations, while having the option to explore various shops and eateries that provide a taste of local life and cuisine with a touch of international influence.

Address: 31, Market Lane, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Mural Art Lane. Photo by Vernice Choo.
Mural Art Lane. Photo by Vernice Choo.

8. Mural Art’s Lane

Mural Art’s Lane is a special one as it’s a project initiated to revitalise the Ipoh Old Town through art. The murals on this lane depict scenes from everyday life, historical events, and cultural motifs. They were all painted by local artists in 2014, with one of artists being the renowned artist Ernest Zacharevic.

It’s essentially an open-air gallery that showcases the creativity of local artists while allowing visitors a glimpse into Ipoh’s heritage and daily life. This is one spot where you’ll want to ensure your smartphone’s battery is full because you’ll definitely be snapping tons of photos here!

Address: Jalan Shala, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Han Chin Pet Soo Museum. Photo by Ngieng Lee Lee.
The wax figures of club members from those days. Photo by Ngieng Lee Lee.

9. Han Chin Pet Soo Museum (Hakka Tin Mining Museum)

Han Chin Pet Soo is Malaysia’s very first Hakka tin mining museum that opened in 2015 that’s located in a restored pre-war shophouse found in Ipoh Old Town. The Han Chin Pet Soo was originally the gathering place for the Hakka Tin Miners Club which was founded in 1893 by Leong Fee, a prominent tin miner during those days.

Take a walk through the museum and be transported back into the olden days of Hakka miners in Ipoh, with interactive exhibits and guided tours that cover various aspects of Hakka culture, the tin mining club’s history, and the social dynamics of the tin mining era.

Opening Hours: 11am - 3:30pm, daily

Address: 3, Jalan Bijeh Timah, 30100 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Places To Visit In Ipoh For A Generous Dose Of Culture

Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple. Photo by Ishakg Kosasih.
Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple. Photo by Ishakg Kosasih.

10. Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple

The Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple is a stunning Buddhist cave temple with a name that means “Cave of Ultimate Bliss”, which is truly apt as it features incredibly beautiful million year-old natural rock formations within its limestone cavern.

Its premises which include the scenic lotus pond, landscaped gardens, reflexology footpath, temple, and cooling natural cave temple, are all well cared for as a place for meditation and reflection, with many visitors praising the well-polished, clean state of the floor. 

Visitors will get to see numerous statues of Buddha and other deities, and take a walk through the gardens out back where one can opt to enjoy a boat ride or cycle through the serene place.

Opening Hours: 8am - 4:30pm, daily

Address: Persiaran Sepakat 3, Taman Endah Jaya, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Perak Tong Cave Temple. Photo by Ann Meow.
Perak Tong Cave Temple. Photo by Ann Meow.

11. Perak Tong Cave Temple

The Perak Cave Temple, also known as Perak Tong, is one of Malaysia’s most beautiful cave temples. It was discovered in a limestone hill north of Ipoh and established as a temple in 1926 by a Chinese Buddhist priest named Chong Sen Yee and his wife, both of them being migrants from China.

The Perak Tong Cave Temple is famous for its intricate murals and majestic altars, its 40-feet tall golden Buddha statue, the lengthy staircase leading to the hill with a breathtaking scenic view that counts over 400 steps, and the extensive network of caverns and tunnels within the tunnels that offer a unique exploration experience to curious travellers.

Opening Hours: 8am - 5pm, daily

Address: Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Kawasan Perindustrian Tasek, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Masjid Panglima Kinta. Photo by suwich nonthabut.
Masjid Panglima Kinta. Photo by Suwich Nonthabut.

12. Masjid Panglima Kinta

One of the oldest mosques in Ipoh with beauty derived from a blend of Indian Muslim and Moorish architectural styles, the Masjid Panglima Kinta sits adjacent to the Kinta River as an important heritage building and place of worship for the local Muslim community.

The Masjid Panglima Kinta features elegant minarets, domes, and intricate tilework that showcase the rich architectural heritage of the region. Curious travellers will be able to learn more about the fundamentals of Islam and the history of the mosque itself from the information board found at the mosque’s entrance, and enjoy viewing the artifacts on-site.

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Address: 15, 3, Jalan Masjid, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village. Photo by Jeff Lim Koon Eng.
Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village. Photo by Jeff Lim Koon Eng.

13. Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village

Culture seekers will certainly fall in love with the Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village, also known as “Serene Hill”. This little village is a relatively new attraction that was developed to preserve and showcase the area’s cultural heritage and natural beauty, combining traditional Chinese elements with the scenic backdrop of Ipoh’s famous limestone hills and lakes.

Traditional Chinese architecture, artifacts, antiques, and sculptures line the way, along with cultural exhibits that offer one an insight into Chinese Malaysian heritage. Just imagine that, coupled with a walk amidst lush greenery and cooling limestone hills for a truly tranquil, educational, and relaxing visit. There are also activities you can enjoy such as cycling, paddle boating, and the occasional workshops that you can participate in.

Address: 22A, Persiaran Pinggir Rapat 5A, Taman Saikat, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Ling Sen Tong Temple. Photo by Deniss R.
Ling Sen Tong Temple. Photo by Deniss R.

14. Ling Sen Tong Temple

With a name that translates to “Rock of Heavenly Spirits”, the Ling Sen Tong Temple is a Taoist temple found at the foot of a limestone hill that is renowned for housing numerous colourful statues of deities, the animal zodiac, and more. It’s also home to a subterranean sanctuary that is part of a trio of cave temples in the area; the Nam Thean Tong and Sam Poh Tong temples.

Opening Hours: 9am - 4pm, daily

Address: Ling Sen Tong Temple, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Sam Poh Tong Temple. Photo by Yana Marudova.
Sam Poh Tong Temple. Photo by Yana Marudova.

15. Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

If you’re paying a visit to the Ling Sen Tong Temple, then you won’t want to miss out on the Sam Poh Tong Temple that serves as part of its trio. Sam Poh Tong translates to “Cave of Triple Gems” and is said to be the largest cave temple in Malaysia. This particular temple is popular for its iconic tortoise pond and hidden temple within its caverns that are just waiting to be explored.

Opening Hours: 8am - 1:30pm, daily

Address: Kampung Gunung Rapat, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Kwan Yin Tong Temple. Photo by sorbitol sugar.
Kwan Yin Tong Temple. Photo by Sorbitol Sugar.

16. Kwan Yin Tong Temple

It’s no surprise to most Buddhist followers that the Kwan Yin Tong Temple is a temple dedicated to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. This temple is the second oldest cave temple out of those in Ipoh’s Gunung Rapat area, and it is found within a limestone cave.

It’s one of Ipoh’s longest standing places of worship with a truly devotional atmosphere from the numerous statues and images of the goddess that line the temple. I’d recommend visiting during the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival sometime between September to October as it’s when the temple truly gets lively with ceremonies and festivities.

Opening Hours: 9am - 5:30pm, daily

Address: Perak Guanyin Cave, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Places To Visit In Ipoh For The Outdoor Lovers 

Gunung Lang Recreational Park and Lake. Photo by sam riz.
Gunung Lang Recreational Park and Lake. Photo by Sam Riz.

17. Gunung Lang Recreational Park

The Gunung Lang Recreational Park is a hidden gem of a lake park that outdoor lovers cannot miss out on. This particular park is home to a lake that was created out of what was previously a mining pond that is surrounded by limestone hills.

Outdoor lovers can enjoy stunning views of the Gunung Bilike and Gunung Lang limestone hill, surrounding lush greenery, and the serene lake either through the walking paths or via a boat ride for a romantic-like atmosphere. There is also a mini zoo, a children’s playground, watchtowers, and picnic spots on-site for visitors to enjoy a myriad of recreational activities here.

Opening Hours: 8:30am - 6pm on Saturdays to Thursdays, 8:30am - 11am and 3pm - 6pm on Fridays

Address: Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Jalan Damai, 30100 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Lanno Valley in Ipoh. Photo by Iqx Azmi.
Lanno Valley in Ipoh. Photo by Iqx Azmi.

18. Lanno Valley

Lanno Valley, also known as Lembah Lanno, is a hidden gem found deep in the Kinta Valley just outside Ipoh. It’s characterised by its dramatic limestone karst landscape and lush vegetation that makes it a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. Some of the popular activities that can be done here include hiking, caving, and camping.

Note: Lanno Valley is temporarily closed as of May 1st, 2024 due to safety reasons. Check back in for a notice when it reopens.

Address: Gunung Lanno, Kampung Kepayang Unnamed Road 1, 31350, Perak, Malaysia

Kinta Riverwalk. Photo by Tim Donovan.
Kinta Riverwalk. Photo by Tim Donovan.

19. Kinta Riverfront Walk

Those who aren’t keen on leaving the city but want a taste of the outdoors can opt to enjoy a leisurely stroll or cycle at the Kinta Riverfront Walk. This particular walking trail serves as part of a redevelopment project aimed at revitalising the area along Ipoh’s Kinta River as a vibrant recreational public space.

Address: Kinta Riverfront, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Gua Tempurung Caverns. Photo by hams Nocete.
Gua Tempurung Caverns. Photo by Hams Nocete.

20. Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung is one of the longest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia spanning over 4km that is found about 24km south of Ipoh, and is a significant site for caving and exploration as of 1997. Its name was derived out of its shape which resembles a coconut shell.

Visitors can expect a bit of a workout during the cave exploration tour and stunning sights of naturally formed stalactites and stalagmites that one would rarely see in urban places like the city. Some of the guided tours here involve traversing wet areas like the underground river which may leave you soaking wet, so I recommend bringing a change of clothing and a towel in a waterproof bag to refresh yourself after the tour.

Opening Hours: 9am - 4pm, daily

Address: Jalan Gua Tempurung, 31600 Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia

Dr Seenivasagam Park. Photo by Keng Leong.
Dr Seenivasagam Park. Photo by Keng Leong.

21. Dr Seenivasagam Park

Dr Seenivasagam Park, also known as Coronation Park, is a recreational area established in the 1960’s that was named after Dr. S.S. Seenivasagam, a prominent local politician. The Dr Seenivasagam Park features stunningly beautiful gardens such as the Japanese Garden with its signature koi pond alongside a variety of local and exotic plants.

It’s a truly lovely park and one of the most serene places to visit in Ipoh that you ought to check out and enjoy a relaxing picnic or a leisurely cycle.

Opening Hours: 8am - 7pm, daily

Address: Jalan Keliling Dalam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

22. Bulatan Sultan Azlan Shah

Serving as one of Ipoh’s most famous and iconic spots for recreational activities is the Bulatan Sultan Azlan Shah, previously known as the Meru Raya Park. A view of this park from up top will perhaps remind some of a futuristic stadium, and some may think of a Pokéball (or is it just me?).

This roundabout park is one of the parks in Malaysia that features the national flower, the hibiscus, and it serves the locals as a central recreational point for activities such as cycling, kite-flying, football, jogging, walking, picnicking, and even go-karting until it closes at 10pm. Yes, you read that right, go-karting!

Go-Karting at Meru Raya Park. Photo by Aiman Bahrin.
Go-Karting at Meru Raya Park, also known as Bulatan Sultan Azlan Shah. Photo by Aiman Bahrin.

Opening Hours: 6am - 10pm, daily

Address: Persiaran Meru Raya 1, 30020 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Places To Visit In Ipoh For Food, Retail, And Fun

Kong Heng Square. Photo by Dae.
Kong Heng Square. Photo by Dae.

23. Kong Heng Square Market (Artisan Marketplace)

If you’re visiting Concubine Lane, then make a stop at the Kong Heng Square Market for a dose of retail therapy. It’s essentially a hipster artisan marketplace that offers unique handmade jewellery, clothing, bags, and it also houses a bookstore, antique barbershop, and hotel! 

Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm, daily

Address: 75a, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Platform 9 1-2 Cafe. Photo by Fann Soo.
Platform 9 1/2 Cafe. Photo by Fann Soo

24. Platform 9 1/2 Cafe (Calling all Potterheads!)

Does the name sound familiar to you? If you recognise it, then you simply must visit the Platform 9 ½ Cafe which is a Harry Potter inspired cafe along Concubine Lane.

Potterheads who aren’t yet able to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London will love how this cafe offers one the chance to rent a Hogwarts robe, wizard hat, and wand to experience life as a wizard in the wizarding world of Harry Potter - which is why parents with Potterhead little ones will definitely want to make the trip here!

Opening Hours: 11am - 6:30pm on Mondays to Fridays, 10:30am - 6:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Address: 22, Panglima Lane, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

25. Funtasy House Trick Art Gallery

Funtasy House Trick Art is a 3D art gallery in the Ipoh Old Town that stands as one of the most interesting places to visit in Ipoh. It features a wide range of 3D artworks and optical illusions that visitors can interact with and capture numerous photographs for a whimsical memory of the trip.

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm, daily

Address: 16, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Tong Sui Kai hawker street. Photo by Alvin C (Alvin).
Tong Sui Kai hawker street. Photo by Alvin C (Alvin).

26. Tong Sui Kai

Tong Sui Kai, which literally means “Dessert Street” in Cantonese, is the one place you must visit in Ipoh whenever you’re there. It’s a popular food street in Ipoh that is famous for its wide variety of icy sweet treats and local delicacies.

Tong Sui Kai ice kacang with yam ice cream. Photo by ice kacang with yam taste ice-cream Mei L.
Tong Sui Kai ice kacang with yam ice cream. Photo by Mei L.

Think bubur cha cha, ABC ais kacang, lime jellies, soy bean pudding, and more. You can also enjoy delicious local eats such as satay, curry noodles, and fried snacks, making it one of the best places to visit in Ipoh for foodies.

Opening Hours: 5pm - 11:30pm on Wednesdays to Sundays, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Address: Jalan Carey, Taman Jubilee, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Gerbang Malam night market in Ipoh. Photo by Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh.

27. Gerbang Malam

The Gerbang Malam, is Ipoh’s premier night market that opens daily, serving both locals and tourists an array of local clothing, accessories, gadgets, household items, local street food, desserts, souvenirs, and more. All at bargain prices.

It’s a truly bustling environment found in the heart of Ipoh city with vendors calling out to passersby as the aroma of food fills the air. It’s definitely a dynamic spot that you must check out when you visit Ipoh.

Opening Hours: 6pm - 12am, daily

Address: Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Ready to eat skewers at First Garden Night Bazaar. Photo by Chan Driga.
Ready to eat lok-lok skewers at First Garden Night Bazaar. Photo by Chan Driga.

28. First Garden Night Bazaar

The First Garden Night Bazaar is Ipoh’s largest night market where foodies and shopaholics gather to enjoy countless local street food, and shop until they drop. It’s a crowded, bustling, and truly lively night market that offers scrumptious eats that you must try in Ipoh such as keropok lekor, char kuey teow, popiah, apam balik, dim sum, sugarcane juice, and more through its various food stalls!

Opening Hours: 4pm - 10pm on Fridays only

Address: Jalan Taman Ng Weng Hup, Taman Pertama, 30100 Ipoh, Perak

Memory Lane Market. Photo by Sajedur Rahman.
Memory Lane Market. Photo by Sajedur Rahman.

29. Memory Lane Market

Enter the historical Memory Lane Market, also known as Pasar Loken. The Memory Lane Market is Ipoh’s famous flea market that operates only on Sunday mornings, and serves as a beloved spot for treasure hunters and antique enthusiasts.

You’ll find a wide range of antiques, collectibles, and vintage items from old coins and stamps to retro furniture and memorabilia being sold by like-minded collectors or Ipoh’s more senior citizens, making it a fascinating place to shop.

30. Durbar at FMS

Durbar at FMS stands proudly as one of the oldest bars in Malaysia that was recently restored to preserve its colonial charm and heritage. The restaurant offers a mix of Western and Malaysian dishes, paying homage to the colonial era while incorporating highly sought after local flavours, making it a lovely place for a leisurely meal with a historic ambiance.

Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm on Thursdays to Tuesdays, closed on Wednesdays

Address: 2, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Ho Yan Hor Museum in Ipoh. Photo by Ho Yan Hor Museum.
Ho Yan Hor Museum in Ipoh. Photo by Ho Yan Hor Museum.

31. Ho Yan Hor Museum

Locals would know of this iconic Chinese herbal tea brand that was founded in 1941 by Dr. Ho Kai Cheong. The Ho Yan Hor Museum chronicles the journey of the Ho Yan Hor tea from its inception to its success as a household name in Malaysia. 

Visitors can enjoy an educational experience that includes exploring interactive exhibits, viewing old-world advertisements, packaging, and tea-making equipment that was used to create this beloved household remedy.

Opening Hours: 10am - 4pm on Tuesdays to Sundays, closed on Mondays

Address: 1, Jalan Bijeh Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Geological Museum of Ipoh. Photo by Norsyafiyana Abdul Latif.
Minerals from the Geological Museum of Ipoh. Photo by Norsyafiyana Abdul Latif.

32. Geological Museum Ipoh

Established in 1957, the Geological Museum of Ipoh is one of the oldest museums of its kind in Malaysia that houses a comprehensive collection of geological samples. Think minerals, fossils, rocks, and samples of stalagmites and stalactites that were excavated from the neighbouring limestone hill, around Malaysia, and beyond.

Opening Hours: 9am - 12pm and 2:30pm - 4:30pm on Mondays to Thursdays, 9am - 12pm and 3pm - 4:30pm on Fridays. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Address: Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 30820 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Lost World of Tambun Adventure Park. Photo by Lost World of Tambun.
Lost World of Tambun Theme Park. Photo by Lost World of Tambun.

33. The Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun in Sunway City Ipoh is a must-visit for families and travellers who love thrilling experiences. It’s a huge theme park resort that combines a water park, amusement park, natural hot springs, and Malaysia’s iconic night petting zoo against a backdrop of limestone hills.

Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs. Photo by Lost World Of Tambun
Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs. Photo by Lost World Of Tambun.

Enjoy endless activities from day all the way to nightfall where you can enjoy the shows and adventures of the famed Lost World of Tambun Night Park. Think relaxing in natural hot springs, indulging in spa treatments, and going for a daring fire show called the Flaming Percussions.

Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm on Mondays to Fridays, 10am - 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Closed on Tuesdays

Address: 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Trong Hot Spring at Ipoh. Photo by Trong Hot Spring.
Private hot spring pool at Trong Hot Spring. Photo by Trong Hot Spring.

34. Trong Hot Spring

If you’re not too keen on spending your day or a slightly hefty fee to experience the hot springs at the Lost World of Tambun, then you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to the Trong Hot Spring.

This spartan hot spring is a popular spot for local elders and residents seeking relaxation and the therapeutic benefits of the natural hot spring. There are several pools available, ranging from the large public pool to smaller private pools of which you can select from. Best of all? It opens all the way until midnight!

Bonus Tip: If this is your very first visit, I recommend opting for the private pool for a more intimate and relaxing experience in the hot spring waters.

Opening Hours: 9am - 12am, daily

Address: Batu 9, Jalan Trong, Village, 34850 Changkat Jering, Perak, Malaysia

Banjaran Hotsprings Resort. Photo by The Banjaran.
Banjaran Hotsprings Resort. Photo by The Banjaran.

35. Banjaran Hotsprings Resort

Travellers seeking a luxurious experience won’t want to miss out on the Banjaran Hotsprings Resort. This ultra-luxurious wellness resort is found about 25 minutes away from Ipoh’s city centre and it is nestled within a lush valley surrounded by limestone hills.

Banjaran Hotsprings Resort Cave Dining. Photo by The Banjaran.
Banjaran Hotsprings Resort Cave Dining. Photo by The Banjaran. 

Think luxurious villas with private plunge pools, access to natural geothermal hot springs, and a selection of spa treatments. Not forgetting that this resort is also home to the iconic Jeff’s Cellar restaurant within a 260-million year old natural limestone cavern, where diners can enjoy fine dinners paired with equally fine wine. It’s definitely a must visit if you have deep pockets!

Address: 1, Persiaran Lagoon, Sunway 3, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia