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Founder's Story (English)

November 04, 2019 2 min read

I graduated as an interior architect in Australia back in 2014. I pursued a career in Singapore just like many of my peers from my hometown, Johor in hopes for a better future. I travelled every chance I got during my free time, which weren’t a lot. I’d pack all my essentials into a backpack and off I went to see the world to do what I love; to discover the world. I’m always surprised by what the world has to offer in terms of design and technology, whether they’re old or new. This fuels the desire in me to want to create and make an impact on the world.
Why did I start THOUSAND MILES?:
As a foreigner working in Singapore, I travelled by foot and public transport most of the time. I spent about 6 hours on average just on commuting in the concrete jungle, rain or shine.What I’ve discovered is that we encounter lots of challenges, whether they’re are short or long distance travels. I was very particular with what I bring with me when I leave the house. Whether it was backpacking around the world, or just traveling to work, I had very limited space.
Clothing is the closest thing to our body and with that, it is the most effective channel to overcome these challenges. With that in mind, I left everything behind to cross borders back to my home where it all began, to start Thousand Miles.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” was the inspiration behind the name. There are thousands of roads everyone can take in life and I believe that the first step matters the most. Some people prefers staying in place while some prefers to move forward and I’ve decided that I want to move forward so I took my first step by starting Thousand Miles. Rather than being just a brand, Thousand Miles is the journey and destination. A lifestyle that brings you further.
Aspirations for THOUSAND MILES:
My aspiration for Thousand Miles is for it to be a community based brand with the consumers as part of the mission & vision. We want to inspire more people to take their first step, just like I did. We want to open our arms to anyone and everyone that wants to be a part of this exciting journey.